CS Acquisition Extends Big Data Technology to deliver Location Intelligence when and where it is needed

London. January 2020. Creativity Software (CS), a technology leader for the mobile network industry, today announced that the company has acquired Arcanum Communications Ltd., a leading provider of Big Data streaming technology. Adding Arcanum immediately expands CS into the provision of Digital Transformation solutions, supporting operators who daily process billions of event records necessary to support the Internet of Things.

“Arcanum has a well-earned reputation for product excellence and already enables Digital Transformation programmes in Telefonica, Europe interfacing between a number of data sources and the full range of 3rd party application services.” said Richard Lee, CEO of Creativity Software. “this Big Data technology enables us to now extend this powerful tool set & solve problems across our customer base. Together with the power of CS’ location platform, we now combine high location accuracy with the ability to monitor every device event on a network, in a very cost efficient manner.”

Big data streaming technology is real time analytics and decision management using volumes of data generated from a multitude of sensors across the entire mobile network.

The product suite allows mobile network operators to access and process massive amounts of data in real-time, providing continuous, event based decision making. The value comes from the provision of advertising insights and services, through to enabling smart cities via the analysis of device activity in real-time. This is extended by real-time detection of fraud, VIP “track & trace”, and monitoring customer experience across all network layers.

Individual components can be employed to act as a flexible mediation platform that allows for the customisation of these data feeds between existing probes and application requirements.  Each 3rd party component can now be replaced with ease, ensuring continuity of service during rapid network evolutions through to 5G.

Managing Director of Arcanum John Mahoney “the global reach of CS means that the technology that we have developed for Western Europe can now be merged with high accuracy location intelligence, and made available to a broader audience. It also gives me and the rest of the Arcanum team a broader stage for our own professional development.”


Creativity Software (CS) has been a pioneer and leader in mobile location technology and services since 2001. Our focus is on delivering the entire spectrum of location intelligence requirements to support Mobile Network Operators, Emergency Services 911/112/999, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and Financial Institutions. Our solutions are used worldwide to enable Digital Transformation, save lives, protect the public and prevent and solve crime.

CONTACT: Gill Taylor, Communications Manager.   Gill.Taylor@CreativitySoftware.net