This real-world example shows how CS ARCdata has successfully driven new revenue opportunities and reduced costs for a Tier 1 Operator. This Operator uses CS ARCdata to remove many of the barriers they encounter when trying to release value in their mobile network data.

Key Operator challenges:

  • Difficult to get actionable data out of the network and provide it to the Business
  • Arduous to consume data from proprietary network sources (OSS probes, RAN logs, Wi-Fi logs etc.)
  • Long lead times to launch new business services (several months)
  • High costs to extract and transform raw data to make it actionable (can cost $100 000s)

ARCdata Solution: faster insights driving innovation, new revenues, and cost reductions

  • Data ingestion module taking a wide variety of raw network data from multiple sources
    • Flexible solution that works alongside existing network data sources – no rip and replace costs
    • Multi-node solution to address both commercial and legal use cases
  • Easily adding analytics solutions, as the data is formatted for any analytics system without lengthy and costly re-engineering
  • Removing the high cost and delivery time of incumbent solutions from Network Management Vendors
    • Costs have been reduced to a fraction of those projected by the incumbent solution
    • Revenues are up, with new use cases being launched every week/month, with a rapid turnaround

The solution provides actionable data for a wide variety of business applications

  • Business Insights for planning and marketing
  • Network insights for operational intelligence, customer experience and network planning
  • Insights for Security Services (government)

CS ARCdata’s flexibility and agility mean that whenever the Business has a new opportunity, the solution provides data quickly and cost effectively. The Operator has also started to utilise their cloud system to make this process even faster. CS ARCdata processes up to 80 billion records per day and this is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. CS ARCdata’s scalability and cloud approach allows a large Operator like this to scale up as needed.

One of the key benefits CS ARCdata offers is the ability to swap out any of the Operator’s business analytics or network management solutions without disruption to other elements. For example, the Operator was able to move from older OSS solutions to new ones without any change to other business solutions; the process was completely transparent, allowing for business continuity and minimising costs as well as risks.




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