Location intelligence is critical for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Government agencies to deliver effective emergency services and support law enforcement. It is a regulatory requirement for MNOs, but also a lucrative monetisation opportunity.

Mobile network operators, governments, emergency services, law enforcement agencies and their partners use our location intelligence expertise and technology to help ensure public safety (e.g. UK999), with minimum investment and maximum peace of mind. We also help MNOs to monetise network location data – e.g. Virgin Media O2 service “O2 Motion” which is arguably the most successful monetisation to date of mobile location data.  

Creativity Software is a recognised expert in mobile network location intelligence, delivering the highest audited accuracy worldwide, reliably and rapidly. We launched the first commercial location-based service in the UK and can share with you 18 years of success across 19 countries.

Your organisation can benefit from our expertise with a 1 hour complimentary consultancy on location intelligence. 

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Examples of challenges that we have addressed for mobile operators and government agencies include:

  • Monetisation: turning raw network data into actionable insights to sell to businesses
  • Law enforcement: high accuracy tracking, mass location, geo-fences, historical analysis
  • Emergency caller location: delivering high accuracy, reliable and fast caller location, with full population coverage – addressing the 40% AML/device location failure rate 
  • Public warning: combining alerts with location insights to better monitor disaster areas
  • Mobile money: using location intelligence to combat mobile money fraud
  • 5G: deploying a 5G location platform extension with no impact on the existing solution  
  • Replacement: replacing an existing location solution with zero service outage

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This offer is exclusively for mobile operators, governments, emergency services, law enforcement agencies and their partners.