Every life counts and one of the core missions of the emergency services is to despatch the appropriate rescue teams as fast as possible to emergency callers in order to save the maximum number of lives.

To achieve this effectively, they need to be able to identify the location of emergency callers fast, accurately and reliably – the callers themselves may not be depended upon for this.

Indeed, in emergency situations, callers may not be able to provide their exact location for various reasons – they may not know it, be in too much of a panic to remember or be unable to communicate. What is needed is the capability for emergency services to determine every caller location automatically, without any action required from the caller.

As over 75% of emergency calls now come from mobile phones, many countries have mandated mobile network operators (MNOs) to provide an emergency caller location service.

This paper reviews the top ten emergency caller location challenges and how Creativity Software addresses them to help maximise the number of lives saved. It demonstrates how we enable MNOs to rapidly and reliably deliver the highest accuracy emergency caller location with minimum disruption, time and cost.

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