The ability to monetise network data represents a very lucrative opportunity for mobile operators – that will only grow with 5G

In parallel, 70% of operators see the Enterprise sector as the most important 5G revenue opportunity, according to the GSMA. This eBook reveals how O2 has been capitalising on both opportunities by offering data intelligence services “O2 Motion” to a broad range of Enterprise clients.

“O2 Motion” is powered by Creativity Software’s ARCdata platform. Download the eBook to find out how O2 is leveraging its mobile network data to:

  • Monetise multiple Enterprise sectors: Transport, Retail, Media, Property
  • Extract meaningful and actionable insights that help Enterprise clients to understand their customers better and make informed business decisions – in an era when data is due to explode with 5G and when the behaviourial patterns of the entire world are changing.
  • Offer a new approach to data intelligence that enables businesses to gain valuable insights much faster and more cost-effectively than with traditional approaches

ARCdata helps mobile operators to profit from their vast network data by turning raw, complex and distributed data into usable assets – fast. It is a 5G ready platform that breaks the barriers to network data intelligence, allowing you to get quality data when, how and where you need it. CS ARCdata lays the foundation for operators’ digital transformation by powering business intelligence tools and new business models. It enables Communications Service Providers to transform into Data Intelligence Providers which drives new revenue streams. CS ARCdata’s unparalleled flexibility and ease of integration allow operators to accelerate business decisions and innovate with minimum disruption, risk and cost.