In light of the natural disasters, terrorist attacks and health crises that have been afflicting the world, many governments are mandating Mobile Network Operators to deploy new Public Warning Systems (PWS) to help safeguard the public more effectively.

The EU has also issued a directive for its member states to implement, by 21st June 2022, PWS that can easily be received by end-users within the area of concern.

Creativity Software understands that the management of such events requires more than a simple message to all mobile devices. By extending the capabilities from outgoing message to movement tracking and follow-up messages, the emergency services are empowered with the tools and information that allow them to manage what can be complex and frightening situations for the public.

We offer the two types of PWS that are recommended by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) to effectively reach people in a specific area, on their mobile phones:

  • CS Cell Broadcast: a standards-based broadcasting platform that can send alerts to millions in seconds and works even during network congestion, with no user interaction required and the capability to broadcast across multiple channels.
  • CS Traceable Disaster Alerts: a location-based SMS system that can identify the number of subscribers in the area, send SMS alerts, confirm message delivery, and further alert people entering or not leaving the area at risk.

Whilst the solutions can be bought and used separately, integrating them helps to optimise the emergency response efforts as illustrated in the solution guide. To find out more, download the CS Public Warning solution guide.

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