Mobile network data, which is exploding with the advent of 5G and IoT, represents a goldmine that operators need to be able to exploit effectively. However, mobile network operators are often hindered by the complexity of obtaining the quality of data required from the network to help optimise business decisions, create new revenue streams, and reduce costs. Either it takes far too long (e.g. many months), costs too much (e.g. $100Ks) or the data obtained is inadequate.

Creativity Software enables Mobile Operators to profit from their vast network data by turning raw, complex and distributed data into usable assets – fast. CS ARCdata is a 5G and Cloud ready platform that breaks down the barriers to network data intelligence, allowing Operators to get quality data when, how and where they need it. CS ARCdata is trusted by Tier 1 Operators globally to tackle their big data challenges.

CS ARCdata can help reduce the time to actionable data by 75%, enabling the required data to be available in weeks, not months.


CS ARCdata: The Foundation for Digital Transformation

CS ARCdata lays the foundation for Operators’ digital transformation by powering business intelligence tools and new business models. It helps Operators to gain customer and network insights in order to optimise revenues with more contextualised offers, improve the customer experience, build loyalty, reduce costs and much more. CS ARCdata also enables Communications Service Providers to transform into Data Intelligence Providers which drives new revenue streams.

Download the O2 eBook to discover how Telefonica UK uses CS ARCdata to provide Data Intelligence services “O2 Motion” to Enterprises across multiple sectors.

Transforming Raw Data into Quality Actionable Data

CS ARCdata is a powerful data ingestion, governance and management platform that enables complex raw network data to be easily accessed and manipulated in order to provide actionable data as and when needed. It enables the data to be ingested with integration, import and formatting functions; it offers data governance with privacy, security and compliance functions; and provides data management capabilities allowing the data to be transformed, correlated, enriched and manipulated. CS ARCdata can, for example, be enriched with location information from our Location Intelligence platform. The solution has been praised by Operators for maintaining the integrity and the quality of the data.

To find out more, download the white paper “Turning 5G Network Data into Profitable Assets”.

Reducing the Time to Actionable Data by 75%

CS ARCdata’s unparalleled flexibility and ease of integration allows Operators to accelerate business decisions and innovate with minimum disruption, risk and cost. It does not require a complete re-architecting of an Operator’s environment as it will work alongside existing solutions. It is a non-proprietary, open software platform that is compliant with industry standards (3GPP, TM Forum, OSSii) and is vendor agnostic. Such flexibility gives Operators the freedom to make changes to their environment and introduce new analytics/OSS solutions rapidly and effectively, minimising disruptions, risks and costs. This drives rapid innovation, enabling Operators to optimise their revenue potential and costs.

CS ARCdata is an agile and proven solution helping Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators to reduce the time to actionable data by 75%, enabling the required data to be available in weeks, not months.

Highly Scalable, 5G and Cloud Ready

CS ARCdata is a 5G and Cloud ready platform that is highly scalable as it is designed to handle trillions of data records per day. It can tackle the vast volume of data that is exponentially growing with the advent 5G and IOT.

CS ARCdata has been used by Tier 1 Operator Claro to accelerate the time to market and to help make 5G more profitable in a Proof Of Concept that won a TM Forum award and gained 6 nominations from Mobile Operators. Watch the video to find out more about the project.

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Driving Innovation, New Revenues and Cost Reduction
with CS ARCdata

This real-world example shows how CS ARCdata has successfully driven new revenue opportunities and reduced costs for a Tier 1 Operator. This Operator used ARCdata to remove many of the barriers they encountered when trying to release value in their mobile network data. The solution provides actionable data for a wide variety of business applications.


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