Accurate and fast mobile location is a challenge, and many technologies can only locate subscribers within several kilometres (e.g. cell towers) or lack consistency (e.g. phones' GPS can fail indoors, with bad weather, be disabled etc.). Creativity Software helps Mobile Network Operators and Government agencies to gain location intelligence and we deliver the highest audited network location accuracy worldwide.

Our solution, CS LocationWise, is a high accuracy location-based services (LBS) platform that extracts data from mobile networks and uses highly precise algorithms to locate all mobile phones, with patented CS algorithms to significantly improve accuracy. It is a standards-based software solution that integrates with 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G core and radio networks and uses the device and SIM identifications (MSISDN, IMSI or IMEI) to locate the device. We deliver against the highest and strictest accuracy requirements in the world – in Colombia, with a consistent and audited network location accuracy. The solution can further combine with the device location technology to provide the most accurate location available. CS LocationWise supports encrypted data, ensuring that the data collected is duly secure.

Real-time, Historical and Mass Location Intelligence for Commercial Services, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement 

The solution is used by Mobile Network Operators worldwide to create innovative commercial services and meet regulatory mandates for public safety. CS LocationWise helps Emergency Services to Locate Callers quickly and accurately, deliver Public Warnings, and provide Track & Trace to monitor and control pandemics. It further helps Law Enforcement agencies to identify security threats, prevent crime, stop crime in action, and apprehend criminals.

Non-intrusive and works for any mobile phone, anytime, anywhere, on any network

The solution operates successfully whenever a device is switched on with nothing needed to be installed on the device and without any action required from the subscriber – the data can be anonymised to comply with legal requirements. It works for any mobile device (not just smartphones), on any network technology (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and their MVNOs, at anytime and anywhere – even in dense urban environments, indoors or outdoors, anywhere in-country or overseas.

Encompasses GMLC, SMLC and Mass (Passive) nodes

CS LocationWise can be provided as a standard cell-id only accuracy GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Centre), or high accuracy SMLC/E-SMLC/SAS (Serving Mobile Location Centre) with optional support for control plane A-GPS and the Creativity Software’s proprietary Accuracy+ very high accuracy network-based location. Our Passive engine enables mass location data to be collected from the mobile network (core and radio), without interfering with the operation of the mobile network service.

To find out more, download the solution guide “Powering digital transformation with network location data”

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Mobile Network Operators

CS LocationWise is used by Operators worldwide to:

  • Comply with regulatory mandates for Emergency Services and Law Enforcement
  • Generate new revenue streams by enabling multiple commercial use cases: Geomarketing, Location insights to businesses, Smart device location (Smart Meters, IoT etc.), Fraud detection etc.

Emergency Services

CS LocationWise helps save lives by:

  • Enabling emergency callers to be located quickly and accurately
  • Delivering traceable disaster alerts (Reverse 112 Public Warning)
  • Enabling track and trace to monitor pandemics such as Covid-19

Law Enforcement Agencies

CS LocationWise helps to identify security threats, prevent crime, stop crime in action and apprehend criminals by enabling Agencies to:

  • Track targets in real time and enable mass location
  • Leverage historical data to gain more intelligence
  • Secure sensitive areas with geo-fences and alerts
Monetising Location Intelligence

Enabling Mobile Operators to Monetise Location Intelligence

Fifty-three percent of Enterprises say that Location Intelligence is particularly important to achieving their goals, according to Forbes (2020). MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) can be counted amongst this percentage as they want to gain insights into their subscribers’ locations to generate new revenues and optimise commercial use cases such as Geomarketing, Network Planning and Fraud detection, among others.

This also highlights a tremendous opportunity for MNOs to monetise Enterprises by selling them anonymised location intelligence to support use cases such as transport infrastructure planning, fleet routing and planning, smart device location (Smart Meters, IoT etc.), commercial property decisions, advertising, retail strategies, smart cities development etc.

Telefonica UK is a notable example with its Location Intelligence service to Businesses “O2 Motion” – powered by Creativity Software.

Creativity Software enables MNOs to gain and provide location intelligence with a network-based solution that is independent of the mobile handset and can deliver consistent, reliable location data. The CS solution can further combine both network and device location technologies to deliver the most accurate location. This allows MNOs to effectively monetise location intelligence and compete with Over The Top (OTT) location services such as Google Analytics or apps that are only based on the device (GPS) technology and are often inconsistent and unreliable.

When it comes to mobile location intelligence, Creativity Software has the technical expertise to implement 5G and Cloud ready solutions that will deliver superior results to meet both MNO’s regulatory and commercial goals.

Why Network Location

Why Mobile Network Location? Isn't the Device Location/GPS or Google Maps Enough?

Location intelligence is critical to a wide spread of end users – from Intelligence Agencies fighting international terrorism, to Emergency Services rushing vehicles to save the lives of injured citizens and to Mobile Network Operators who can leverage this information for commercial purposes, such as geo-marketing services.

These and a multitude of other requirements cannot depend upon the device location technology (e.g. GPS) that we all use for our own navigation and other consumer Location-Based Services. This is because they are not necessarily available for query by anyone other than the user and can be inconsistent, unreliable or simply disabled. What is required is the ability to determine the location of mobile users automatically, without relying on them or their device. This is possible through the mobile network. Working mobile devices are always part of a network which continually captures their locations. No other sources of mobile location data can ever be as reliable as the related mobile network.

Getting location intelligence from the networks with high accuracy, reliability and speed is a complex process and the complexity significantly increases with some requirements: for example, when the mobile user who needs to be located is visiting from another country and roaming across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G spectrum; or when details on how the location was determined is needed, to satisfy the requirements of a legal prosecution. These demand specialist expertise, technology, and continuous development to meet various sets of requirements, across different sectors. This is Creativity Software’s expertise.

CS LocationWise fully complies with the specifications of regulatory location mandates and adds value by extending our technology beyond these, which gives functional benefits to our customers – for example enhanced accuracy, audit trail and support for commercial services.

A Recognised Expert

Creativity Software is a Recognised Expert
in Mobile Location Intelligence

Creativity Software has been trusted by Mobile Network Operators, Emergency Services and Governments for over 17 years, across 19 countries, covering more than 700 million subscribers:

  • We consistently delivers the highest mobile network location accuracy in the world, as proven by independent audit against the highest and strictest standard worldwide.
  • Our caller location solution supports the UK 999 emergency services, among many others
  • Operators keep choosing CS LocationWise to replace their existing location solution. The main reasons stated were our 5G and Cloud capabilities, reliability, technological advances, superior support levels and capability to deliver both regulatory and commercial services.


Creativity Software has also been playing a key role in industry developments:

  • Launched the first commercial Location Based Service in the UK in 2004 with a family finder service.
  • Helped to shape and define the first Code of Practice for Location Based Services – serving on the Steering Committee of the UK Code of Practice for Location Based Services in conjunction with the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the UK Mobile Operators and Children’s Charities.
  • An Advisory Board Member of the European Emergency Numbering Association (EENA) Since 2011. This body advises the EU on all matters relating to Emergency Services provision, with an emphasis on the pressing need to improve the accuracy of location data.
  • Engaged by the European Commission since 2016 to design, test and deploy AML for seven member states, as part of HELP112 Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects
  • Provides expertise and capabilities to the UK Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT), through the Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) unit

All these are an acknowledgement of our superior expertise. We truly understand the technical, commercial, and legal framework within which Location Based Services can be deployed. We are the recognised industry expert.


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