Monetise the Location Intelligence in your network

  • Increase profitability of Mobile Money
  • Power location based mobile advertising
  • Reduce Churn and increase revenue with location based engagement
  • Improve Customer Experience and Revenue Assurance with subscriber location
  • New revenue from Big Data for Smart Cities for planning & commercial use
  • Satisfy security mandates for current and historical location of subscribers
  • Support Emergency Call Services (112/911) with the highest accuracy available
  • Emergency alert system: mass population safety alert communication

Creativity Software (CS) can help you generate new revenues, reduce costs and comply with regulatory obligations.

Monetising the Location Intelligence and business insights within your network, new digital services can be supported, addressing a wide range of value adding propositions.

CS augment these solutions with industry expert consultancy solutions to help you realise your Digital Transformation.

Download our Powering Digital Transformation with network location data to learn how Creativity Software can help your business.

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