As mobile services are increasingly consumed worldwide, insightful data footprints (e.g. location data) are made in the operator’s network, which are growing exponentially with the advent of 5G and IoT.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are in a unique position to leverage this network data to gain granular insights. This can be used to make more profitable business decisions internally, as well as being sold externally to benefit other businesses and organisations. The monetisation and business optimisation opportunity is tremendous, but MNOs need to break down barriers in order to capitalise on it. Some operators have already risen to the challenge and are forging ahead.

This paper discusses how these MNOs are leveraging their mobile network data to become more competitive through innovation, new revenues and cost reductions. It highlights:

  • How MNOs are making money from 5G data by providing data intelligence to businesses
  • The challenge of getting quality actionable data and how to overcome it
  • Top 3 requirements for effective data enablement in the 5G era
  • A case study outlining how a Tier 1 MNO is driving innovation and profitability with agile data enablement

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