One of the key challenges for Emergency Services is the ability to locate emergency callers accurately and reliably at height and indoors such as large buildings and other large facilities (Malls, Stadiums etc.).

Even though positioning technologies (AML & Network location) can reliably locate people outdoors (i.e., Lat/Long), in most countries around the world today there are no consistent and reliable techniques to find emergency callers in vertical and indoor locations.

In this presentation delivered at the EENA Conference (European Emergency Number Association), Creativity Software will:

  • Review the challenges with obtaining 3D location.
  • Review the strengths and weaknesses of various 3D location techniques and demonstrate how a hybrid approach can mitigate many of the weaknesses, allowing Emergency Services to evolve towards 100% coverage in the widest set of scenarios.
  • Outline a practical real-world approach, bringing together all parties such as governments, operators, mobile handset manufacturers and OS vendors to agree and provide a standard approach to 3D positioning for Emergency services.

Watch the video recording here.

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